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Tear Grants
mystearica aura fende

Born on Ifritday, Lorelei-Decan 1 ND 2002 in Yulia City, the Watcher's Home. Mystearica, or "Tear" as she is better known, is one of the last two surviving members of House Fende, sworn to protect House Gardios of Hod and secretly carrying on the wishes of their ancestor, Yulia Jue, who is revered as a goddess by the world religion of the Order of Lorelei. She is the youngest child and only daughter of Lord Fende, who perished in the Third War of Borders, and Falmyriarica Satis Fende, who succumbed to injuries sustained from the fall of Hod immediately after birthing Tear. Her brother, Vandesdelca Musto Fende, also eleven years her senior, promised their dying mother he would protect Tear. Their full care was then entrusted to the mayor of Yulia City, Teodoro Grants.

In ND 2005, Vandesdelca returned to the surface to train as an Oracle Knight for the Order of Lorelei, already formulating plans to bring down the Score. Her care is left to Jessie Talbas, who helped care for Myria in her last months of life. Tear easily befriended her son Sein, but her daughter Alissa would become the first of Tear's bullies. Sein would be the one to give Tear the idea to enroll in the Oracle Knights together, much to her surprise since she didn't know girls could be allowed.

When Van graduates from the academy in ND 2007, he returns to Yulia City and gifts Tear a selenia, commenting how she's growing to be so much like their mother as he worries about Tear's ideas of joining the academy as well. But when she notices how the selenia is wilting, the siblings discover Tear's ability to use the Seventh Fonon. She gained a sense of purpose from this, feeling she could help her big brother and it would help to patch the distance that had started to grow between them, despite how kind and gentle he was to her. At the same time, this was when he began to express his hatred of the Score and the world that blindly followed it to her, expecting Tear to share his feelings over Hod's fate. In reality, this side of her brother frightens Tear because it's so different from the brother she loves, but she still wishes to join the academy and above all else, be by his side.

Eight years later, Van succeeds in ascending to the position of Commandant though many believed it was due to Teodoro's influence. Tear has become more distant from the Talbas during this time, and when she starts speaking to Sein again he's different and cold. Alissa's bullying has escalated, and others resent Tear for the special treatment she and Van have received. Still, Tear is determined to train at the academy.

But Van is still determined to protect her from his plans, so in ND 2017 he has his personal aide Legretta the Quick come down to Yulia City to train her. At first Tear fights against this decision and is defiant, but when Legretta calls out that her only desire was to go to Daath, Tear relents and begins to follow her instruction faithfully. People resent her all the more for this special treatment, and Tear is framed for killing a pet rappig. Teodoro wanted her to take responsibility for it, despite knowing she was innocent, in order to calm matters, but Legretta cleared her name and it was revealed that Sein was the real culprit. These instances and an assassination attempt while with Legretta led to Tear becoming closer to her teacher and wishing to become more like her, and after six months Tear completes her training with the major. In addition, she also inherits Falmyriarica's pendant, becoming one of her most treasured possessions.

Afterward, Tear goes to Daath in order to receive on-site training under the tutelage of Cantabile, the leader of the Sixth Division and someone who distrusts both Van and Legretta, enough that she takes it out on Tear. She took offense when Cantabile said she had no true resolve of her own, and when pressed she can't outright deny it. Thus Cantabile took pity on her and gave her a map leading to where Van was performing experiments regarding hyperresonance. Tear begins to panic upon discovering this, her distress reflected in her training, and eventually she returned to Yulia City to try to figure out what to do about this new information.

Once there, she overhears Van and Legretta speaking of their plans to annihilate the Outer Lands and create the world anew. Van's words regarding the Score, which always made him a different person from the brother she knew, escalate her fear and confusion to the point she stabs him. However, he doesn't recognise that he was the cause of her tears, only vowing to release her and all of humanity of her sorrow.

That confrontation pushed Tear into thinking, at last coming to the conclusion that she had to stop Van no matter the cost. She asks for Cantabile's help to work directly under Grand Maestro Mohs, and Cantabile agrees, recognising that Tear has now discovered her resolve. She is placed in the Grand Maestro's First Intelligence Division and is tasked with finding the Seventh Fonstone a half year after joining. She uses this mission to her benefit so that she would track Van down, in order to put a stop to his plans.

Thus, on Remday, Rem-Decan 23 ND 2018, she infiltrates Fabre Manor.

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