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♫ information: melodies of life.

Mystearica Aura Fende
( tear grants )

Entry: May 5th, at the Crystal of Wind
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 162cm / 5' 3"
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Canon Point: Final Confrontation ( Luna-Redecan 38, ND 2018 )
Birthday: Lorelei-Decan 1, ND 2002 ( December 2nd )

Housing: A-11, the 14th District alongside Ace.
Employment: Military Sergeant, Republic of Esdham Foreign Legion.
Crystal: A half-closed flower, now entirely blue.
Salary: 30,000 gil

the essentials.
ApplicationCrystallis File ( Closed 1/16 )Appearance
Gift Lists

Moogle ✧ Sein

Gender: Male
Pom-pom Colour: Red violet. ( #915 )

About: A young, quiet, and somewhat introverted moogle who watches after Tear and gently tries to encourage her however he can. Eager to help with his booksmarts, he does have his moments of passion and getting carried away in his enthusiasm over his Hero. He also has a habit of calling Tear by her real name, something she gave up talking him out of a long time ago.
Chocobo ✧ Rem

Gender: Female
Colour: Red

About: A very young and small chicobo found abandoned by Ace and gifted to Tear on February 7th, Rem is named after the aggregate sentience of the Sixth Fonon. Bright, eager, and somewhat feisty, the trouble she can be prone to getting into merits a lot of looking after her, though Tear doesn't seem to mind taking up the role of mother in the slightest.

1 - ? | Bard + Illusionist

BardRed MageTime MageDancer
IllusionistSanta ClausArcher
AirbenderWhite Mage
Onion Knight


Advanced Jobs

Experience Orb: 6mos.

  Bard ✧ Maxed
( Weapon: Voice + Harp ) Support allies and boost their potential through the strength of music.
Victory Fanfare‣ A song that restores 1/5 of all allies' health when played at the end of a battle.
Battle Scene‣ A song that boosts all allies' stats by 15% when played during a regular battle.
Spoony Bard‣ Makes the bard virtually invincible, but leaves them unable to do anything.
Boss Theme‣ A song that boosts all allies' stats by 30% when played during a boss battle.
Legendary Melodies‣ Allows to start learning Legendary Melodies.
Troubadour‣ Allows stacking the effects of two songs.
Soul Voice‣ Doubles the effects of non-legendary songs.
Nameless Song‣ A song that casts Regen, Protect, Shell and Haste on all allies.
Melodies of Death‣ An otherworldly song that kills all those who hear it, allies and enemies alike.

  Red Mage ✧ Maxed
( Weapon: Sword ) Jack of all trades, capable of casting magic and close-range combat.
‣ Elemental attack spells ( weak ).
Cure‣ Heals minor wounds.
Esuna‣ Cures status ailments.
Bio‣ Attack spell ( may inflict poison ).
‣ Elemental attack spells ( mid ).
Cura‣ Heals mid wounds.
Holy Light
Dark Cloud
‣ Mid elemental attack spells (light and dark).
In The Red‣ Increases attack power the weaker the character is.
Dualcast‣ Allows to cast two spells back-to-back.

  Time Mage ✧ Maxed
( Weapon: None ) Buff allies and debuff enemies through the manipulation of time, effective against conventional opponents.
Slow‣ Halves the passage of time for the target, effectively lowering their speed.
Haste‣ Doubles the passage of time for the target, effectively boosting their speed.
Flash‣ Allows the character to quickly appear and disappear.
Demi‣ Inflicts damages equal to 25% of the enemy's current health.
Stop‣ Stops the passage of time for a target or area, freezing them in time.
Banish‣ Bans the target to the Interdimensional Rift.
Combustion‣ Speeds molecules up on a target to the point of causing an explosion.
Maelstrom‣ Reduces the health of all enemies to 10% of their current health.
Time Kompression‣ Reverts to a previous state when on the verge of defeat.

  Dancer ✧ Lvl. 6
( Weapon: None ) Support allies and decrease the enemy's potential through the power of dancing.
Victory Pose‣ A dance that restores 1/5 of all allies' health when done at the end of a battle.
Slow Dance‣ A dance that can reduces the enemies' speed.
Polka‣ A dance that can poisons the enemy.
Waltz‣ A dance that can reduce an enemy's stats.
Forbidden Dance‣ A dance that inflicts a random status ailment.
Disillusion‣ Allows to stack the effects to two dances.
Soul Moves‣ Doubles the effects of all dances.
Nameless Dance‣ A song that casts Poison, Blind, Silence and Slow on all enemies.
Choreography of Life‣ An otherworldly dance so beautiful, the dead come back to life to watch it.

  Illusionist ✧ Maxed
( Weapon: Staff ) Imitate allies and confuse the enemy through the power of illusions.
Imitate‣ Repeats the same attack an ally just used.
Disguise‣ Takes on the appearance and clothing of an enemy or ally.
Levitate‣ Allows to levitate over the ground.
Copies‣ Creates illusions of enemies or allies (up to ten).
Vanish‣ Instantly teleports within a 100 foot radius.
Telekinesis‣ Attack enemies with basic telekinetic attacks.
Teleportation‣ Teleports to a formerly visited location.
Master of Illusions‣ Allows to manipulate and bend how reality is perceived.

  Santa Claus ✧ Maxed
( Weapon: None ) Inherit the essence of the person spoken of in legends to spread cheer.
All-Knowing List‣ Effects varies whether the target is on the good or naughty list.
The Toy Bag‣ Unlocks a magical bag in which virtually anything can be stored.
Christmas Spirit‣ Inspires trust in others and spreads a joyful atmosphere around.
Jingle Bell‣ Shrinks self to go through chimneys or otherwise tiny passages.
Coal Lumps‣ Harmless attack that hurts the target's confidence, pride and motivation.
Holy Advent‣ Doubles the effectiveness of this Job on December.
Security Elf‣ Summons a Tarutaru-sized security elf to protect the character.
Letter To Santa‣ Capability to gift what is written on letters sent to the character.
Coming To Town‣ Can fly with a sleigh pulled by at least four Chocobos.

  Archer ✧ Maxed
( Weapon: Bow ) Deal sufficient damage on the enemy from a safe distance.
Aim‣ Increases eyesight and accuracy to sniper levels (five minutes)
Barrage‣ Allows to chain-shoot arrows.
Piercing Arrows‣ Gives armor-piercing properties to projectiles.
Venomous Shot‣ Shoots a magical arrows (may inflict poison).
Heavy Shot‣ Focuses to shoot a very powerful attack.
Camouflage‣ Shrouds the allied party in mist to hide from the enemies.
River of Blood‣ Doubles damages inflicted by projectile weapons.
Bandanna‣ Automatically materializes ammunition and reloads after shooting.

  Airbender ✧ Lvl. 3.75
( Weapon: Wind ) Manipulate the power of air to receive aid.
Aerokinesis‣ Bends the Air element to the user's will.
Air Punch‣ Compresses air that can be fired off the fists (or feet).
Aero Blade‣ Uses strongs bursts of winds such as blades to attack the enemy.
Cushion‣ Creates an air cushion to break anyone's fall and safely jump any distance.
Heat Regulation‣ Regulates the temperature of the air within a limited radius.
Suction‣ Draws an item or person to the air bender.
Asphyxiation‣ Kills the target by depriving them of any air to breath.
Flight‣ Allows the Air Bender to levitate and fly at will.

  White Mage ✧ Maxed
( Weapon: Staff ) Master the magic of healing and support to aid allies.
Cure‣ Heals minor wounds.
Esuna‣ Cures status ailments.
Protect, Shell‣ Improves an ally's resistance to physical or magical attacks.
Cura‣ Heals mid wounds.
Prayer‣ Lessens exhaustion to nearby characters and grants them a random buff.
Divine Caress‣ Grants resistance to status ailment (five minutes).
Curaga‣ Heals major wounds.
Holy‣ Very powerful elemental attack spell (light).
Life‣ Revives a character who died less than three minutes ago, if injuries permit it.

  Performer ✧ Dancer + Bard
Love Power☑ A dances that allows allies to attack twice in a row.
Kung-Fu Fighting☐ Enables the character to physically attack with Kung-Fu moves.
Shattering Voice☑ Enables the character to destroy glass and similar material with their voice.
Staying Alive☐ Allows the character to remain alive so long as they sing a particular song.

  Seer ✧ Time Mage + Illusionist
Magick Frenzy☑ Allows user to use a spell then follow up with a regular attack.
Paradox☑ Sees phantoms of past events occasionally.
Phantasm☑ Allows to cast spells on two to four targets simultaneously.
Premonition☑ Sees a glimpse of a possible future event.

  ✦Onion Knight
1 • Job Master‣ Expands the Job limit from five to ten.
3 • Multi Exp‣ Stored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped
5 • Equipment Lore‣ Can equip and use the weapons and armors of any mastered Job.
7 • Double Exp‣ Doubles the exp obtained every months for all equipped and unequipped Jobs.

  ✦Legendary Melodies
Theme of the Crystals‣ Increases the effectiveness of all spells by 50% and halves spell casting time.
Mognet Central‣ Allows Moogles to switch Jobs without requiring a downtime.
The Final Fantasy‣ Causes allies to recover physical and mental health over time.
Symphony of Love‣ Doubles resistance of allies when they take a blow for someone else.
Dancing Mad‣ Doubles stats and attack power when fighting other Heroes of Light.

  ✦Custom Melodies
Happiness In My Hand‣ Increases defense by 50% and halves damage from dark attacks. Whatever tomorrow brings, we will always have this moment to hold on to and cherish.
At the Time of Farewell‣ Doubles the magical resistance of allies, and the magical power of mages by 20%. Despite all sadness and tears unshed, your resolve will be known.

✧ Limit Break

Fortune's Arc :: ( description ) Drawn into an orb of light, an incantation rains pillars of light and inflicts heavy damage upon foes. If able, a second incantation is spoken that summons another glyph to render all allies healed, receiving stat boosts and further damaging foes.

✧ Game History

    May 2015
  • Woke up at the Crystal of Wind and met Sein, her moogle partner.
  • Much of her first weeks is dedicated to catching up with others from her world.
  • She also had to reconcile and come to terms with lasting impressions of a previous version of herself.
    June & July 2015
  • Took part in the exploration of Stiltzkin’s Castle before it was consumed by the Calamity.
  • Participated in efforts to prepare for defending Aqures Ixen from the Empire.
    August 2015
  • Helped to evacuate and defend citizens as well as infiltrate Empire bases.
  • Alongside the other Heroes, was transported 28 years into the past to witness the destruction of Aqures Tosf and forced into crystal stasis until present day.
  • Obtained her first Legendary Melody.
    September 2015
  • Driven by the events of the past two months, she formally enrolled for employment in the military.
  • When Jessie’s possession of in-depth character files was revealed, she chose to keep hers open.
  • Was not aware of the time looping events.
    October 2015
  • Spent much of the month being very… nervous about the presence of spirits.
  • Went on an expedition to the Haunted House in Flence—a monster encounter went wrong, and her hair was cut in the process.
  • Helped to defend others against the Cursed Heroes on Night of the Thirteen Moogles, including a cursed version of herself.
    November 2015
  • Luke went into Crystal Stasis, and a different version of himself that was as Tear remembered him appeared while she was away in Esdham the first half of the month.
  • With the completion of the Enterprise, she travelled to the Continent of Ruins. Thanks to Jade, she received more knowledge of the actions of the Heroes from the previous cycle.
  • Discovered what karaoke is.
    December 2015
  • Received a letter and package from Queen Sarah, with her mother’s pendant within it.
  • Took part in the Starlight Celebrations and began learning the art of gift-giving.
  • With a little encouragement, she attended the New Year’s Celebration aboard the Enterprise and vowed to make the most out of her time in Crystallis.
    January 2016
  • Made the decision to close her character file.
  • Took care of a chocobo for the first half of the month.
  • In the middle of the month she travelled to Mysidia along with several other Heroes to speak with the Sage, experiencing a shared dream in which the Heroes fought each other and she supported a plan to sacrifice various Heroes in order to stop the Calamity.
  • For the rest of the month, she took part in an expedition of the Crystal Forest and stayed in the Continent of Ruin.
    February 2016
  • Was promoted from Private to Sergeant.
  • Following an emotional discussion with Ace that somehow ended with agreeing to go on a date together for Valentione’s, she became caretaker of Rem, her first chocobo.
  • Went on an exploration of the Mysidian Tower alongside several other Heroes.
  • Eventually moved to a new home together with Ace.
  • Toward the end of the month, it was discovered that Luke, Guy, and Natalia had been in Crystallis for the past seven months. After being together for one week, they died or were crystallised abruptly.
    March 2016
  • Some Heroes took it upon themselves to try and teach her to ease up. Results have varied.
  • Together with the other Heroes, discovered a video recording left by Kalki explaining her motives. In the process, she learned Melodies of Death.
  • Assisted in transporting the Crystal of Water to Mysidia.
  • Took part in trying to bring the Choco Egg Celebration to Mysidia together with a few other Heroes.
    April 2016
  • Fell into Crystal Stasis in her sleep on the 15th.
    May 2016
  • Woke up from stasis on the 15th, her seventeenth 'birthday.'
  • Travelled to the Chocobo Forest alongside other Heroes.
  • Fell victim to the sickness that had been plaguing other Heroes throughout the month.
    June 2016
  • After recovering from illness, did what she could to help out with the murder investigations.
    July 2016
  • During the chaos revealing the nature of the ongoing murders, Tear fell into Crystal Stasis once more.
  • Woke up from stasis on the 23rd.
  • Assisted in transporting the Crystal of Wind to safety.
  • Though not without some anxiety, Tear still took part in some of the Festival of Light celebrations.
    August 2016
  • Joined the other Heroes of Light in confronting Palitutu on the 3rd and assisted in the accompanying battle against Ultima WEAPON.
  • Following Ultima's defeat and being rendered mortal, she travelled to various other worlds from the Interdimensional Rift, including Auldrant. While visiting Orience, she uncovered Ace's ssecret.
  • Returning from travelling through worlds, the Heroes face Palitutu one final time and defeat her. However, they could not reach a decision whether end her life, and at the last minute Tear has a vision that leads to the Heroes sparing her.
    September 2016
  • With the Calamity continuing to spread, Tear dedicated her efforts to helping with refugees whenever possible. She also took on the White Mage job after guarding Palitutu.
  • With the Chocobo Forest in danger of crystallising, Tear joined an expedition to save as many Chocobos as possible.
  • Attended another meeting with the Sage, this time discovering the existence of their Calamity Selves.
  • For most of the month since their return Tear was upset with Ace, though they mostly reconciled.
    October 2016
  • Joining an expedition toward Downapolis, things took a bad turn when she found herself controlled to fight against other Heroes and ended the battle gravely injured.
  • Against better judgement, accompanied an expedition led by Jade to the Crystal Caves. The crystal tunnels stirred disturbing visions of the bad timeline and her actions.
  • Took part in helping to defend others during the Night of the Thirteen Moogles.

updated 18.11.2016
job levels reflect end-of-month progress.