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A message for Mystearica...?

I'll make sure she gets it, kupo...

- Sein.

(( please specify date and format! ))
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[ That day, Tear would return to a note placed in the center of the table, hastily scribbled in red ink. There is no trademark feathers attached, meaning the author must have been in that much of a rush.

Transcript. ]

[ Following through on that unfortunate promise, he doesn't show up at the front door until it's well after midnight, the darkness hindering his attempts at making a stealthy entrance as he fumbles with the lock for a moment before finally stepping into the house. It's been a long day at work - far too long, but he knows he's not in a position to complain with his performance still suffering from the sheer amount of absences on his part as of late.

Being home had a different meaning to it now, that they've started living together, and any feelings of regret he might have about not having been able to wish her a good night this one time become irrelevant in the perspective of a good morning that will follow soon enough. For now, he simply needs to stay quiet, unwilling to disturb his roommate's sleep.

... Because certainly, she has listened to his request, hasn't she? ]
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[ Ace was just as confused to hear any sounds of commotion in an otherwise quiet room, looking around to find the girl huddled on the sofa. Connecting the dots wasn't at all difficult, but his own exhaustion only allowed him for a soft sigh. So stubborn.

And yet, he couldn't wipe a tiny smile off his face as he placed his jacket on a hanger and stepped closer, Rem nestled safely in his palm, finally free from her pocket prison. The chocobo didn't want to stop at just that, however, and it wasn't long until she demanded to be reunited with her true caretaker, flapping her wings with unmistakable excitement. Or, at least, that's how he'd learnt to interpret it.

Carefully setting the bird on the couch, he didn't forget to steal a quick kiss on Tear's forehead before drawing away from the pair. ]

How's the book? [ Of course, it was nothing but a teasing remark, spoken in a voice above a whisper. ] Come, you should get some real sleep.
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[ Ace was the last person she had to educate on the rougher aspects of a soldier's lifestyle, but he smiled at her sleepy mumbling regardless, letting her have her way, even if at the cost of completely missing his point in the process.

Glancing in the direction of the kitchen, he quickly realized he wasn't at all hungry, despite having replaced his lunch break with a few cups of coffee. The drink would have met with a flat refusal under normal circumstances, but there were reasons why the station had grown to depend upon it so during busier days.

The bitterness still lingering on his tongue he could do without, however, and so he opened one of the cupboards to grab one of the chocolates from the stash of sweets prepared for similar... emergencies. Popping it into his mouth, he then moved to perch on the armrest of the sofa. ]

Well, work is work. [ It would have been unprofessional to complain, and just as dishonest to reply with a yes. Some could also consider talking with one's mouth full rude, something the cadet didn't even realize he was doing. Manners. ] The first warm days of the year usually bring about many absences at the office, or so I've heard. I'm... just glad to finally be home. So is Rem, I bet.

[ He looked down at the chocobo cradled in the girl's hands. ]

She's growing up, and soon it won't be that easy to simply sneak her in. I might have to think of something else.
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[ Tear's feeble touch quickly drew his attention back to her half-lidded eyes, which weren't making it any easier to resist wrapping his arms around the sleepyhead at his side. Alas, another night spent on the couch wouldn't do either of them any favours, and after that accidental nap on the floor from the other day he was no longer sure if he could trust any of them to stay awake for much longer.

Of course, he recognized that look and silently appreciated her eagerness to be upset in his stead, though considering it was a group of people she did not even know, it seemed like a little bit too much.

Maybe... maybe it was just him. ]

That's what I thought, but then again.... it's hard to blame others for grabbing any chance they get, these days.

[ Ending on a somewhat grim note, he quickly tries to push the conversation onto different tracks, ones more suitable for what had already shaped up to be a long evening. He reached out his hand to run his fingers through her hair, very gently, almost reassuringly. ]

Shared responsibility, remember? I said I would find a way. [ He refused to let the station cat collect all the privileges, for every officer needed their trusty sidekick. ] Eventually, she'll learn to follow others on her own, it's the possible distractions on the way that I'm concerned about.

[ A curious smile crossed his lips. ]

But you almost sound like you'd rather keep her this small.
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[ Ace wordlessly thanked the Chocobo for her valuable input, suspecting that neither she was in a rush to grow up and abandon the freedom only a spoiled child was allowed to have. It was a comfortable position to be in, without a doubt. ]

So, you're being a little bit overprotective. What about it?

[ Giving a little shrug of his shoulders, he proceed to gently pick at lone strands of her hair, twirling them idly around his fingers. Although he wished the melodist wouldn't push herself so hard, he also realized the worrying was an integral part of the entire process. To advise against it would be like tell somebody to stop caring entirely. ]

Just don't forget about Sein, or Rem's slightly overgrown brother. [ While he punctuated his statement with a soft chuckle, there was no denying Suzaku's superiority in terms of understanding the little chick's needs. ] No matter how you look at it, she's got quite a group of guardians.

[ The remark that followed, unmistakably directed at Tear and Tear only, was spoken in a softer tone. ]

It also seems to me that you could benefit from having someone else to carry you places, partner. I didn't intend to keep you awake at this hour.
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[ Truth be told, he hadn't expected her to hold onto what had ultimately been a figure of speech rather than an actual piece of advice. After all, he'd never heard of an instance of it actually happening to speak with certainty, it merely stood to reason that an animal from the wilderness should be given more space. From the looks of it - he'd gotten to observe her efforts often enough - the girl had been able to get a proper grasp of it already. ]

Back then, I didn't know if you were ready to trust your instincts. If I have to be honest, you did seem a bit shaky.

[ The corner of his mouth rose into a smirk at the memory that shouldn't by any means feel as distant as it did. Her reaction made only made it worse for him to keep a straight face, and it wasn't long before he had to fight back something of a satisfied hum. ]

... I see.

[ Withdrawing his hand, the boy regarded her thoughtfully for a moment and then rose to his feet. He still had to take a shower before he could consider falling into slumber. ]

In that case, would you be okay with five more minutes?
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[ Noting the confusion growing in her eyes, Ace decided to cut short the charade, lest his reaction be taken the wrong way. Unless it was willingly reciprocated, he found little enjoyment in teasing, and her blush had been a reward in itself. He fully intended to follow through on his promise, however. Sharing an apartment with five other people had been a valuable lesson in being an efficient housemate, so staying within that limit hardly posed any challenge.

Having ditched his work attire for a more comfortable set of clothes, he emerged from the bathroom shortly thereafter. Droplets of water still trickled down his hair and onto his shirt, but he paid them no mind, carefully closing the door behind him. Whether Tear had managed to hold up her end of the deal remained yet to be seen....

In any case, there was a certain advantage to moving barefoot, as it granted a bonus to being exceptionally sneaky. ]

... Tear?
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[ In his defense, that little brushing routine of hers allowed for that step to be easily skipped, but even in its absence he considered the matters of his own appearance trivial. Although disheveled strands would usually find their way to bounce back into place, there had been a couple of rough mornings that greeted him with a serious case of a bed hair, a phenomenon he'd never really encountered while sleeping alone, oddly enough.

At Tear's cue Ace leaned slightly forward, angling his head for her to reach, while his gaze flickered over her tired frame and fell on the little Chocobo guarded securely in her other palm, as though she was her last lifeline. He would not be fooled by Rem's enthusiastic peeps, knowing that the bird's energy levels were about to crash any second. ]


[ Her owner, on the other hand, clearly wasn't yet ready to put her own needs ahead of everyone else's. Merriment was long gone from the cadet's lips, replaced by concern that was slowly permeating his features. She had her own duties to attend to, didn't she? ]

... Please, allow me.

[ As to what the request entailed, she would find out a moment later, gently picked up by a pair of arms that didn't seem to display any strain as they kept their hold. Neither was it particularly affectionate, since remembering her response from before he avoided any sudden movements.

For all intents and purposes, it could still be considered a rescue mission. A soft, timid smile lit up his face when he spoke. ]

I always wondered, but you really are light as a feather.
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[ Peering into her eyes, suddenly bright with alertness that betrayed her discomfort, Ace couldn't help but feel a little bit guilty. He'd never intended for his gesture to be read as anything but an attempt to provide some aid. ]

Life isn't all about doing what's expected of you... I think.

[ He had himself acquired this knowledge only over the course of the past few months, and the pause marking the end of the sentence contained subtle traces of the remaining uncertainty. ]

Some things just feel right.

[ And holding her this close -almost cradled in his arms, with the way she was slowly easing into his embrace - was definitely among them. Even objectively speaking, she was on a light side, but all these little movements made her seem practically weightless, he noted as he lightly secured his grasp.

What drew a sudden breath out of his own throat was something completely unintentional, or at least he supposed it had been. As such, her question that followed would need to wait for its answer a bit longer, since the boy was temporarily preoccupied battling the warmth spreading across his cheeks.

A payback? ]

... Y-you know, it kind of tickles, when you do that.
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[ He was there to prevent any such attempts, in any case, hurriedly pushing this moment of weakness to the back of his mind as he shook his head to ease her worries. It was a rather strange way of finding out, one that could have only been made apparent by such proximity; no wonder he'd never had the chance to experience it before. ]

... I never said it was bad, or unpleasant. Just... strange.

[ While he hesitated to give the feeling a better name, that certainly held true. Holding her close, he then turned around, as though having suddenly recalled his original intent, which had been to spare her the effort rather than invoke a moment of self-reflection, even if their room was only a few steps away.

Once there, he lowered her onto the bed a bit awkwardly, very much aware of the little chick still in her hold. ]

Should I take her?
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[ It always hurt to hear the disappointment in her voice, even when the reaction was prompted by the most innocent of the reasons. Searching for the ways to alleviate it, he could only find one, but he doubted that Tear would necessarily appreciate him trying to replicate the experience on herself.

At least not right away, when a single, careless move could compromise the safety of the little chocobo held in his hands. He knew the troublemaker would eventually succumb to slumber after a day of adventures, and he could only be grateful about her impeccable timing. Rem had her own spot near the bed, close enough to climb up the mattress whenever she wished, to be more specific - but it was the only arrangement they had both grown to accept given the bird's reckless attitude.

While his movements lacked usual grace now that he'd been overcome with tiredness, the cadet carefully placed the chick within her temporary home, made from a simple basket and strips of fabric which were already beginning to completely fall apart, bit by bit, thanks to somebody's sharp beak. Though it needed a fix, all he could muster was to make a mental note of it for the time being, finally free to turn off the lights and head towards his side of the bed.

The decision to leave his hair wet came back to haunt him the moment his head hit the pillow, the cold strands feeling uncomfortably cold against his neck and forcing him to roll onto his side, though it was only convenient that he did. ]

Come here.

[ As always, he lacked the confidence to make his words sound like anything above a shy whisper, but it was, nevertheless, an inviting one. ]
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[ For Ace, it was yet another morning at the hospital wing. He never stayed too long, envisioning the disappointment he would bring her by staying listless in the face of the upcoming trials. A part of him, too, realised that there was nothing to achieve by waiting in a place where time hardly ever moved, but he wanted to keep her company all the same, if only for a short while.

And not just her, given how many of their companions had been claimed by the crystal sleep. People who'd once lived alongside him were long gone, each week shrinking their numbers and damaging the morale. Zelda's death in particular was for many was difficult to address - unlike others, she hadn't been given the hope of return. Sooner or later, any of them could be sharing the same fate, and if a stasis ensured a Hero's safety, maybe he was being selfish by wishing for his friends to awaken.

For better or worse, he was left to his own thoughts without any other visitors in sight. Kneeling by Tear's hospital bed, Ace rested his palm against hers encased in crystal, cold and completely unresponsive. Though it chilled his skin like ice, there was something his partner had once said - something which had stuck in his mind despite being merely a passing comment. Be it thanks to the blood pulsing through his veins, or whatever force responsible, she'd found his hands to be somewhat warmer than she'd expected. Maybe not enough to melt the crystal layer separating them, but he nonetheless wished to try if it could reach her. ]
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[ He hadn't been able to register when exactly his body had rebelled against him and his head fell onto the mattress, but it must have happened at some point for him not to notice the alarming signs right away. In all honesty, he felt no less confused than she was when the gentle tugging turned out to be something more than a figment of his imagination, and her voice rang out to break the silence.

Stunned, he pushed himself up and the next thing he knew, he was hovering over her like a shield, waiting eagerly for a response of any kind. He'd been unable to get hold of information regarding the reason for her disappearance, so if she'd been by any chance injured, the pain could be returning any second. Either way, he felt fortunate to be by her side, where he belonged, especially now. ]

... I'm here. [ The hand previously holding hers slipped out of her grasp to press lightly against her shoulder, holding the girl down, just in case. Like her fingers, it felt so reassuringly warm to the touch. ] Don't make any sudden movements while your body continues to adjust. Give it a few seconds.

[ His point made, he released her from that brief captivity, smiling. For the first time in weeks. ]

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[ A choked sound bordering on a laugh broke out of his throat. It was a ridiculous question, but in all fairness, he himself had started it, so he might as well play along. ]

... I'll think about it.

[ The relief that came from seeing her safe and sound washed over him in waves before his mind was able to catch up. It felt so incredibly surreal to be having this moment now, when he'd already resigned himself to what had seemed to be his reality. ]

You've been asleep for three weeks.

[ Whispering ever so softly, he decided to address the question that would inevitably fall from her lips. Still in the air was the matter of her sudden stasis, temporarily pushed aside while the melodist was still regaining her senses. Wanting to aid her in that process, he reached out to smooth some of the hair away from her forehead, but was unable to pause his ministrations once he began, ending up affectionately brushing his fingertips along the curve of her cheek. ]
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[ Tear responded with a barrage of questions that each deserved a separate paragraph, so it only made sense to start out with what seemed the easiest. His free hand rose in the air in a gesture of a silent surrender before he dropped it. The old wounds had long healed up, leaving his skin clean save for occasional faded scars. ]

As you can see, I'm unhurt, so stop making that face. [ As much as he wanted to chide her for taking the blame for something she hadn't been responsible for, he couldn't bring himself to express it through his tone. Instead, it seemed more like a slightly defeated plea that he tried to fix with a weak smile, but even that faltered, eventually.

Ace sighed. Maybe he'd chosen a wrong angle to begin from altogether. ]

There are some things you must know, I'm just not sure if this is the right place for it.
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( the hospital | july 23rd ) the unintentional rhymes in this thread are killing me

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[ He knew he couldn't take her patience for granted, which is why he set out to fulfil her request as soon as Tear was done speaking, helping her into a sitting position by giving her hand a gentle tug. ]

Everything is still where you left it. [ And he wouldn't have it any other way, if the warmth to his tone was any indication. No matter how long her absence were to last, he couldn't even imagine letting anyone else claim her place in the home they had made for themselves.

His fingers trailed shyly along the hem of her shirt for a couple of moments before resting against where her heart was beating, as if trying to map out its rhythm. ]
... It thrives in people's hearts, the Calamity. [ At that, he dropped his hand onto the bed and sighed. ] But worrying won't mend it, so I'll just have to keep a close eye on you. As close as you let me.
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[ And she was the only one who could so easily get away with calling him names, earning a small huff of feigned irritation that had little to do with how he really felt. Finding relief in the warmth of her body pressed against his, he soon began to regret his decision to refrain from talking things through, even though it was for the better. This kind of closeness that he'd so missed made it nearly impossible to keep any of his secrets from spilling out. ]

Such a sharp tongue. [ Closing his eyes, he punctuated his response with a kiss to the girl's forehead. ] But you're okay. I'm so relieved….

[ When his arms finally found their way around her back, he was no longer holding himself back from making it known how much he had longed to hold her once more. It was his manner of saying thanks; one he knew she would understand without a need for an explanation. ]

Can you walk, or should I carry you?

[ Whispering teasingly against her hair, he made no effort to move, slightly contrary to his own offer. ]
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... Hey, don't be silly.

[ It came out muffled against her warning finger. It was very like her to draw the course of the conversation back to him without a warning, but he still wasn't sure how to respond properly. Even if there was no hiding the faint circles under his eyes, he wasn't going to let her notice too much, lest she'd only find more reasons to be concerned. ]

I was... saving energy, like I always do. [ Who would have thought that the reality would be more merciful than dreams. Standing up, he reached out his hands to hold hers, giving them a gentle tug. ] You should call for Sein instead of worrying. You know the rules of this place.

[ That, and without a doubt the Moogle would want to know she was awake and well. ]