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Character (Original Universe)
Name: Mystearica Aura Fende ( Tear Grants )
Age: 15 ( though her profile says 16, according to the official timeline she is 10 days away from being 16 at this point. )
Gender: Female
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Canon Point: As the party ascends the stairs to fight Van in Eldrant.
History: Have another Wiki Link.
Along with one explaining the game's plot.
And her pre-canon history and a bunch of other sources.

Staid, reserved, cold—this is the impression Tear gives off when she first infiltrates Fabre Manor with the intention of killing Van Grants, decorated member of the Oracle Knights. But rather than fulfill her objective, Tear accidentally spirits herself and the Duke’s son, Luke fon Fabre, halfway across the world into enemy territory. When she realizes her error, she takes it upon herself to ensure Luke returns home safely, given it was her blunder that forced him into the unfamiliar situation to begin with.

And this is where we begin to see that she is much more than those three words, than the initial impression of a heartless soldier she gives.

All things considered, Tear is a woman who was forced to grow up quickly. It’s clear from the start that she takes her image and role as a soldier seriously, and truth be told she does it very well. Tear takes her duty and promises seriously, able to kill without hesitation and risking her own safety to protect others. For Tear, open displays of emotion were often considered a weakness, so even when she wants to cry she keeps a stiff upper lip and continues striving forward, no matter how much it costs her. It takes a lot of prodding for her to open up and be honest about her own feelings, because she feels that if she is not able to uphold that reserve then she is not fit to become an ‘ideal soldier’, whom to her was her first instructor Legretta the Quick. This is an ideal she reached for from a young age, when she decided she would take the path to becoming a soldier in order to be by Van’s side. Another consequence of this decision was that she was further ostracized by the people of Yulia City, and the end result is that Tear is very serious and a bit socially awkward. She sometimes takes things a little too literally, and her understanding of humor is a little stunted. Having had to essentially take care of herself, she has high expectations of other people and often becomes frustrated when they are not met, or if a person happens to refuse to take responsibility. This is often when her bluntness and sometimes brutal honesty shines through, because it's better that a person understands the situation no matter how unpleasant it might be, or how much they may not want to hear it.

But because she grew up alone, if someone genuinely needs help she will go out of her way to understand and teach them on their level. Tear understands what it means to be lonely, to be bullied for something that was entirely out of her control. She knows what it's like to have to make it on your own, thus she is able to do it very well and it makes her naturally protective of everyone, even if she isn't particularly fond of a person. But this can almost be a flaw because all too often, she needs help and she outright refuses to accept it because, in her mind, she should be able to handle her problems on her own. That upbringing meant that she is overall a very private and lonely person. This is different from bottling up her emotions, because this is her keeping her problems to herself.

Yet she chastises others for doing the same. Tear does have a hypocrisy to her in that, while she's always harking on others for not telling the entire truth or keeping secrets, she does it herself quite often. She asks for other people's trust, yet doesn't give it herself all that easily. This is pointed out to her several times, but even with that she ultimately still keeps quiet when it comes to her own well-being and feelings, much as Luke may be upset with her about it. One of the more prominent examples of this is following the attack on Sheridan, where she seemingly is able to move on from the attack. When she leaves the party's presence, Guy is the first to point out that despite her cold words, there were tears in her eyes. Out of everyone, she is the one most hurt by Van's machinations, by the evil deeds of a brother whom she still deeply loved tying in with how selfless she can be, and her understanding of the greater good. Much like Jade, she knows where the priorities lie and does what she must to reach them, though she does understand the value of human life and isn't pragmatic about it to the degree the Colonel is. If she must kill then so be it, but Tear understands that to kill another is to rob them of their future, thus it's all the more important that her goals be met.

Another of Tear’s flaws is that she is, to some degree, gullible and naïve. The most prominent example of this was her devotion to Grand Maestro Mohs and insistence that he wants to avert war and is not deliberately instigating it. Even as Mohs carries on with those plans, its only when Tear is presented with undeniable proof that she acknowledges it in much the same way she didn't believe Van desired the destruction of Auldrant before she was confronted with that truth. In a sense she wants to believe in the best of people, which is why she was so hurt by Luke's attitude after the destruction of Akzeriuth. Despite her initial impression of him she was willing to give him another chance, and while her first impression of Natalia wasn't the best either, she immediately understood that the princess had a desire to learn and improve so she could better help others and her country. If there's one thing that Tear is good at, it's giving people second chances. Humans make mistakes, and it is important that they learn from their mistakes and strive forward from them. She herself goes by these rules, apologising when she was wrong or misunderstood someone.

This is one of the ways Tear's gentleness comes through. While she may be more on the side of tough love, we see over and over again that she is willing to be patient and explain things to someone if they are having difficulty understanding something. Heck, even as a child her ability to use the Seventh Fonon was discovered because the selenia her brother brought her was wilting, and she wanted with all her heart to make it feel better. While she may be stern about all this, it's because she wants, and knows that a person can be better.

With that in mind, it shouldn't be all that surprising that she acts with a sisterly, and even motherly nature toward others and especially to the party as they grow closer. She lends her listening ear to Natalia several times over the course of the story, and has no problem with helping to cheer her up by taking out to the city with Anise after the true nature of her parentage is revealed. When it comes to Anise, the younger girl nearly reveals her nature as a spy before the events of Mt. Zaleho happened, because Tear would have the patience and understanding to listen and even help her. The party trusts her to look after them, and Susanne Fabre even titles her as "big sister" because of how much she takes care of them.

Thus if it means the wellbeing of another, Tear does whatever it takes. As pointed out before, she puts her desires and feelings second always, and even risks her life to protect other people. As a girl, when she was bullied by Alissa for taking up so much of her mother's time Tear immediately apologises even though she has no fault, willing to have Teodoro ask Jessie to not look after her so much. The first time she places the world above herself is when she decides to take it upon herself to put a stop to Van before he went through with his plans, even though he was her only family and it would likely cost her her own life. Yet the biggest example of this is how she was willing to endure miasma poisoning in order to lower the Outer Lands, understanding that if she didn't then the entirety of Auldrant would perish. Despite the pain it put her through, she was determined to bear the suffering so others would live, to the point that she was willing to die for it, even though she was scared to. When Luke confronted her about it, she seemingly was able to speak calmly and objectively about it until he at last broke down her resolve to keep her feelings in check; despite her best efforts to always appear strong, Tear begins to cry because she is still a human, and is still a teenage girl forced to carry on great responsibilities—she can be overwhelmed much like anyone else can. Tear has slowly come to terms with being able to express her emotions, even if she still has a ways to go. She is still a naturally shy girl after all, for all that the soldier persona says otherwise.

And just how is she still a teenage girl? The most prominent example would be in her love of cute things, which in actuality is quite a broad spectrum. She shares her ancestor's fondness for cheagles, often coming to Mieu's defence when he's being teased by Jade or Luke. If she receives any compliment for her beauty she becomes flustered, or if it extends to her figure then she may become angry, to the point that she once forgets the party are on an infiltration mission and she nearly blows their cover for it. She's not entirely above using dirty tricks to get back at someone either, as she had no trouble hugging Guy's arm when he once makes a comment about her body (fortunately she stops immediately once she learned of his gynophobia). The few times she does display a sense of humour, it's often dry or at the person's expense, though Luke is most often the receiving end of this. And when it comes to her romantic affections? She can be just as easily flustered as any other girl if the target is on mark, or if she happens to notice how attractive someone is such as when she sees Jade without his glasses the first time. Also of note is just how awkward Tear herself can be, socially. If she has to act outside of the role of a serious adult and soldier, she becomes rather shy in the same way she does when she has to ask Peony to hand over a Devil's Arm, and the first personal letter she ever writes sounds more like a military report than something written by a teenager. But that is Tear's nature and upbringing in effect, and if anything she is willing and almost eager to learn.

That is why she is more than those three words and first impression. Beneath the severity of a soldier who understands what must be done and does it, there is a shy, gentle and somewhat insecure girl who secretly revels in cute things yet is almost easily flustered, with a love of the world and its people so great that she would do whatever it takes to protect it.

Third-Person Sample: ( and a few threads. )

It was much the same as when she was young—those days when these sounds would carry her to the land of peaceful dreams, reassuring her that she was not alone because it told her that for just one evening, her brother was there by her side. The melody was perfect down to the megahertz, full of every emotion shared by her ancestor millennia ago. Now more than ever she understood the meanings behind these hymns, one through seven all stringing together into a promise shared with the night sky.

They may have lost their power and simply be songs in this world, but right now she felt as though the power were shivering in the air, ready to become material and come to her aid. Maybe it was because tonight, she had an audience.

How Sein had succeeded in gathering the number of chocobo now surrounding her she did not know, but she was more than content with his actions as she sang to her heart's content, leaning against the warm feathered body of one of the giant birds. Every so often one of them would accompany her melody with a squawk as though it were joining her, and her lips would curve into a genuine smile. She had never had students for her music before, and to have these wonderful creatures be the first was something else, if a little unconventional. At least she knew how to bring them forth again, should she want their company and Sein was occupied. The moogle himself swayed from side to side slowly in midair, the pom-pom atop his head bouncing in time to the rhythm of the music. Then suddenly it bounced forward too far, bumping into his nose and sending him tumbling with a sharp squeak. "K-kupo!"

Tear's song came to an abrupt halt, and she stood up to check on the moogle immediately. "Sein! Are you all right?"

"D-don't worry Mystearica!" The moogle was already steadying himself again, though he didn't object to floating close into Tear's outstretched arms. "I just wasn't paying attention, but your singing is always so lovely."

The melodist quietly offered him a small smile, sitting back down against the same chocobo as before. "They sound just as I've always remembered them... But they don't have the same effect here as they do in my world. I suppose I'm still getting used to them simply being songs again."

"Hmm..." Sein looked up at the stars thoughtfully, flapping his ears just a little. "I think they still have some magic in them. Maybe not like the magic I've seen here, but I think there's something about them that I think we all get caught under the spell. So please don't stop?"

"... Then if you would please listen just a little longer?"

Mognet Sample:

To all Heroes of Light,

To my understanding, there have been a number of revelations in the past several weeks that have been addressed to various degrees, as was left to individuals. While I would like to address these events myself, I can only do so in due time. Before I even attempt to, I find that there is a strong need to understand the foundations of this world.

I have found similarities to the artes I had before in the new power I was granted, but they are too different that I feel I need to ask for help from others in order to better grasp it. It would not serve anyone if in a situation I could not call upon these new songs as I once did my own.

Therefore any help would be most appreciated, or if anyone simply wants to practice fighting together.

With regards,
Locrian Sergeant Tear Grants, formerly of the Oracle Knights Intelligence Division.

P.S. If anyone would know where to find clothing in the size of the average male moogle, I'd appreciate it. Sometimes I'm afraid Sein gets too cold.

Moogle Name: Sein.
Moogle Gender: Male.
First Job: Red Mage
Second Job: Bard
Limit Break: Fortune's Arc ( description. )